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Turtle Breeding

Turtle Breeding

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If you've owned a turtle for quite sometime then I am sure you must be interested in it's breeding too. But turtle breeding is not as easy as breeding of cats and dogs. Let us have a glance at some of the points which might help you in safe turtle breeding.

Collect basic facts of turtle breeding:
If you are a novice to turtle breeding then you'll have to gather sufficient knowledge on the topic before just making your pets jump into it. Mind it, turtle breeding is not as easy as 123... One basic fact about turtles and other reptiles is that breeding is rather difficult for them when kept in captivity. One should make sure that the turtles within the pen/tank are comfortable in the atmosphere and if they are easy with it, one can image to breed this couple.

Provide the female turtle with enough room :
Before you even think of breeding the turtle just find out that the breed you own is fond of hibernating in particular seasons or not. If it is then remember, you'll have to create the natural atmosphere within the turtle pen so that the turtle can hibernate. Soon after the hibernation period, it's the time when turtles mate. Keep in mind that in the pen there should not be multiple turtle at this point of time. This is the time when the natural mating instincts of the turtles are at peak and tend to show a rather aggressive facet of their personality. So try managing the turtles accordingly.

Turtle post mating care :
After your turtle mating is over, make sure that the female turtle is separated from the male and moreover it is given enough room so that it can peacefully bury the eggs there. There shall be ample of mud and sand in the pen so that the female turtle is easily able to create a protective screen over it. This is done by the turtles to secure the eggs from scavenger raids. One more thing that must be kept in mind is that the mud and surroundings within the pen should be moderately moist.

Keep a protective eye on the turtle hatchlings:
For actually a long time that is three months you'll have to wait for the hatchlings to wander about in your pen. Try to situate the pen/tank of the female turtle outdoors so that it can have a feel of the natural habitat. But one thing one should keep in mind while designing the outdoor pen is that it should be well lid/covered. You'll have to protect this pen from a number of scavengers in these three months. The vigilance time is not over yet, as the tender hatchlings are seen wandering bout, you'll have to be even more cautious about their shelter as they have a comparatively slower growth pace when compared other animals.

So, these are the major points which one needs to keep in mind while breeding the pet turtles. With little but sincere efforts you'll be able to discover a whole new world of tiny toddlers all over the pen which am sure, any turtle owner will enjoy.

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