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Types of Pet Turtles

Types of Pet Turtles

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The basic prerequisite of owning a pet is high level of commitment and patience. The responsibility of the pet's wellbeing is entirely upon the shoulders of the pet owner. So if you think you'll be able to dedicate ample of time for a pet then only a pet turtle will work great as a pet option as a turtle's care is no piece of cake. By now if you've made up your mind to get yourself a pet turtle then I can guide you with some of the breed options best to be tamed.

Box Turtles make amazing pets:
The box turtles having a domed shell make perfect pets as they are creatures of land and are generally located in areas such as mossy forests. Creating this atmosphere for them is quite hassle free and all one needs to do is create an outdoor pen for them. The pen should include both a shady area as well as an open area. For them sun basking is essentially important. Enough soil or sand should be provided in the pen for them to hibernate in winter months. Moreover, the defense mechanism within them lets them shut completely in threatening moments.

Map turtle is yet another breed which people enjoy to keep:
People interested in taming turtles are often found keen to tame map turtles. They are aquatic turtles and prefer living in fresh water. The name of these turtles is kept as map turtles as their body covered with markings of green, yellow and cream color which makes them appear like a road map. The average growth of females is around 11 inches while a male map turtle never exceeds 7 inches. If you are planning to keep a pair of map turtles then the minimum tank capacity should never be less than 20 gallons. All one needs to arrange for them while taming is a proper pen and supply of fresh water.

Brightly colored painted turtles are also great as pet options:
This is a semi aquatic breed of turtles which is commonly found near the banks of Mississippi River in Southern US. The shells of these turtles are brightly colored with beautiful marking patterns on them. Their exquisite look and attractiveness usually becomes a reason for keeping them as pets. Their disposition is quite peaceful and passive which makes them an adorable pet. The maximum length this turtle can grow up to is just 12 inches which is pretty manageable as a pet.

Mud turtles make the most hassle free pet:
The mud turtles are extremely manageable and cute to be kept as pets, reason behind it being its appearance. The mud turtle has an average length of five inches and can survive easily indoor as well as outdoor. This omnivorous species of turtle is excellent to be kept as a pet. All one needs to take care of is to provide them with a large tank if kept indoor and in case you are planning to keep it outdoor you'll just have to create a muddy area in the pen for them to hibernate.
So, if you are a novice in turtle management, you can surely opt any of these to be your first pet turtle as none of these breeds will ever create hassle while taming. Whichever breed you select, all you need to keep in mind is that you should be highly committed and concerned towards your pet.

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