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Turtle Facts

Turtle Facts

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Although turtle is the specie which is supposed to be living on the earth for over 200 million years, yet there are still some of the interesting facts which are left untold to mankind. Let's have a glance at some of the startling facts about turtles.

o People hold the myth that there is a stage when a turtle can leave its cage completely.
o People hold the falsehood of sea turtles crying. Rather, they just excrete excess salt through the medium of tears. So if you own a sea turtle, stay carefree as its not shedding tears coz it's unhappy.
o If you think that the turtle you own has become too old after a few years then here you go wrong, at the age of 80 most of the turtles becomes juvenile.
o Heard about hawkbill turtle, if you haven't then hear it now. A hawkbill turtle feasts on sea sponge which is supposedly the deadliest and the most poisonous creature in the sea. Remember a hawkbill turtle is not suitable to be kept as a pet.
o If your turtle has laid eggs, stay patient and wait as a turtle egg requires an incubation of around two months.
o In turtles the sex determinant of the hatchling is dependent upon temperature. If the temperature drops below 29 degrees then it will be a male turtle otherwise it will be a female one.
o Only one of the 1000 hatchlings of the sea turtles are able to survive.
o Believe me on this, a female turtle is fond of polyandry mating. A female turtle stores within the sperms of various male turtles and the father of the hatchlings are multiple while the mother is just one.
o Gluttony will be a huge problem if you are planning to own a box turtle as they tend to eat so much that at times they apparently burst out from the shell as the size of the stomach becomes large enough to fit within the shell.
o Almost everyone holds the fact that turtles are slow movers, but I'll introduce you to yet another startling turtle fact. A green sea turtle can run at the rate of 20 miles an hour when it feels endangered by someone or something.
o A musk turtle releases an awful stench when they feel the need to ward off its predators. So beware if you are planning to own a musk turtle.
o Certain turtles have a snappy temperament and they can bite anyone for some of the flimsiest causes. Beware and observe the temperament of your turtle well.
o There are sea turtles which have the swimming speed of around 35 miles an hour.
o One more fact about turtle to amaze you is that turtles hold a well-built sense of personality reading.

After coming across so many startling facts about the turtles, it must have become easier for you to figure out the oddity in behavior of your turtle. So remember these facts and try to make the life of your turtle better by understanding it even more.

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  • Joyce


    28 August 2012 at 03:17 |
    It is fine, but just remember that evhyiterng you put in a turtle's tank can be eaten at any moment. I house fish with my turtle some were intended as feeder fish and some I just really liked, however I'm fine if my turtle eats them as that is what they are there for. I would not however put a cray fish in with your turtle because it can injure your turtle.I currently have tetras, guppies, and bala sharks in my tank with my turtle. They are very entertaining for me as well as the turtle, but like I said.. I understand if one shows up missing one day. I have had my two bala sharks for like 6 months now if not more and they are fine in the tank with no problems as of yet. The guppies continue to breed so I'm not even sure how many I have at this point.. I did have a third bala shark but my turtle bit off his head and spit it out. I used to keep danios in the tank as well they are supposed to be pretty fast and often too quick for a turtle to catch, but my turtle manages to eat all of them first. lol Was this answer helpful?

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