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Outdoor Pet Turtle

Outdoor Pet Turtle

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If you are thinking of owning an outdoor turtle then you must know that handling an Outdoor pet turtle can be intricate task to do as they require proper care and attention to survive. One should be careful and need to take precautions while handling outdoor pet turtle.
Improper handling and caring can be the cause of your outdoor turtle's death. People usually keep their outdoor turtle inside their homes which can also be the reason of their death. One should keep their outdoor turtle outside their home. Turtles are very sensitive in nature and temperature change can affect them. Outdoor turtle feel more comfortable outside than inside.

Outdoor pet turtle supplies:

Habitat for outdoor pet turtle:
Make sure that the habitat you provide to your outdoor pet turtle is outside and clean. Outdoor pet turtle loves to spend their most of the time outside. It should be spacious enough so that your pet turtle can roam and swim easily. They prefer to live in a large pen to move around and explore. The walls of this turtle should be high enough so that they don't escape. The height of outdoor turtle habitat should be couple of feet larger than their height. Habitat of these turtles should be made of non edible material as turtle can eat things like wood, or other organic material. Pen of your outdoor turtle habitat should have a water source in summers to make your outdoor pet turtle submerse completely. Pen should be kept under direct sunlight as it can be the reason of algae growth.

During winters one should allow their outdoor pet turtle to hibernate in order to keep it healthy. Terrestrial outdoor turtle will dig into the ground at an appropriate depth to hibernate whereas aquatic turtle will dig under water to hibernate. Make sure that the ground and water level is deep enough so that they can hibernate comfortably. Heater is essential for aquatic turtle in winters.

It is essential for aquatic outdoor turtle as it helps in maintaining the water quality of their enclosure. Owner should indulge in water change program in every 45 days in order to maintain water quality in their outdoor pen.

Food for outdoor pet turtle:
Food is essential for outdoor pet turtle as it helps in keeping them healthy. Meaty food such as - earthworms, red worms, wax worms, crickets, pink mice and goldfish is good for small turtles. One can also feed leafy vegetables such as kale, romaine lettuce and collard greens to their outdoor pet turtle.

The above mentioned things are essential for one to provide to their outdoor pet turtle in order to keep them well built and active. Since Outdoor pet turtles are sensitive in nature therefore, they require constant attention and care. If you are able to fulfill their basic needs then only you should own it. The decision of purchasing outdoor turtle should be taken wisely not on a whim as they require more attention than indoor turtle.

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