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Pet Rabbit

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Rabbits turn out to be excellent pets if they are well kept. Rabbits are highly socializing animals and so they need constant attention. While buying a rabbit make sure of buying at least a pair. Rabbits are habituated in staying in groups and so greater the number of rabbits greater will they be enjoying the company of one another. But you should be aware of certain pet care methods while purchasing a rabbit.

The majority of rabbit breeders are anxious to assist new-comers to rabbit keeping and to supply rabbits at reasonable prices. If the breeder who is to supply the stock is unknown to the purchaser it is, however, often wise to purchase animal son approval. There are several journals which operate approval schemes in which the purchase money is deposited with them until' the sale has been concluded satisfactorily. In this way the novice can obtain the assistance of an expert to examine his purchase on arrival, to satisfy him that it is worth the price to be paid and is exactly what he wants. If the rabbit is not satisfactory it should be returned immediately after feeding and resting, for unless it is returned within a day or two, the seller may be within his rights in refusing to have it back. Generally speaking, for obvious reasons, breeders will not sell stud bucks on approval.

There is an important distinction between buying a mated doe and a doe in kindle. If the purchaser buys a doe in kindle, then he can reasonably expect it to give birth to aglitter, and in fact, a doe so sold is really being sold on this guarantee. There is of course no guarantee that the litter will be satisfactory. If however, a mated doe is purchased, the position is different. The breeder guarantees that the doe has been mated to one of his bucks. He does not guarantee that the doe has held to this mating, that is, that she is in kindle.

Tips on Buying a Rabbit

• It would be always good to visit a good breeder who is specialized in breeding rabbits. Pet store owners and sales men are more concerned for selling the rabbit rather than the wellbeing of the animal. You will get a lot of details regarding the nature and behavioral attitude of the rabbit you would be buying. You can also have a look at the mother to find out whether she is healthy or not.
• Rabbits can be kept free in house instead of confining them in one cage. But you should make sure of training the rabbit properly. Rabbits have the habit of chewing and they would be fond of chewing your favourite furniture if they are not properly trained. Before buying a rabbit you would always make sure whether your house is rabbit proof or not. Your house must not have easily reachable cable wires or poisonous house plants.
• If you are planning for buying a rabbit of wild born, make a proper hutch for the rabbit outside your house. The rabbits, especially the wild variety require proper space to run and stretch out. This would make them happy and physically active. The sun rays and fresh air are needed by rabbits for their mental simulation. But while your rabbit is in run make sure that it is safe from predators like dogs and cats.
• For buying a rabbit arrange for a hutch that would be ideal for your pet to live in. Since rabbits are burrowing animals they would like to stay in an enclosure. So, while keeping a rabbit as pet you should purchase a hutch which is neither too small nor too large for the rabbit. You may provide your rabbit with some chewing blocks or anti-chew repellant sprays so that the rabbit does not damage its own hutch by chewing.
• Sometimes rabbits may indulge into vigorous chewing if it gets bored or if the hutch turns out to be too small for the pet. The hutch of the rabbit must have enough space so that the ears of the animal do not touch the top of the hutch.
• Since rabbits are socializing animals, you pet bunny needs company. If you find that you are unable to devote considerable amount of time for your pet, you may buy two or three rabbits together. It would be ideal for you to buy a neutered pair, a male and a female. If you are buying of the same sexes purchase rabbits that are of the same litter. Male rabbits may often end up fighting against one another when they grow up. Pets kept as neutered or spayed are less aggressive in nature and are safe from many diseases as well.
• Guinea pigs can be kept with rabbits as both the breeds get along together. But it would not be ideal for the guinea pig to be kept with the rabbit inside the same hutch. The guinea pig can get hurt or receive injury from the rabbit.
Consult with a good veterinary doctor for the diet of your pet. Rabbits are generally given leaves, fruits and vegetables along with adequate water. So, do refill their water container on a regular basis.

There is no doubt that the best stock possible should be purchased. Very often cheap ' bargains turn out to be very expensive. It is far better to purchase one or two really good animals rather than a larger number of poorer qualities. It is often advisable for the purchaser to visit the rabbitry from which a purchase is anticipated, before making his final decision. He can then observe hose the breeder handles his stock, whether they are kept in a satisfactory manner, and so on. Such visits sometimes prevent what might otherwise have been an unfortunate purchase.

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