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Training dogs to speak is a fun way to interact with your dog and teach your dog a new command. Follow these simple steps, and you will have your dog speaking in no time. Remember to have patience, and always use positive reinforcement.

Step 1:

The trick to teaching your dog how to speak is to begin associating the word 'speak' with a bark. Begin this word association by holding up a favorite toy or treat that your dog loves, and say the word speak over and over again.

Step 2:

At first your dog may try to grab the toy or treat. If this happens firmly say 'no', if necessary gently push the dog back, and then say 'speak' again. In the excitement to have the toy or treat your dog will eventually bark. When this happens, praise your dog with a lot of enthusiasm and give your dog the treat or toy reward.

Step 3:

Perform the speak word association at least 2-3 times a day. Repetition will help to cement the word association in your dog's mind.

Step 4:

Once your dog has associated 'speak' with a bark on numerous occasions successfully, stop using the treat or toy as a reward. Now begin to say the word 'speak' and when your dog barks praise the dog with a lot of enthusiasm and petting. If your dog does not seem to understand 'speak' without the toy or treat, than the word association has not been firmly connected in your dog's mind; go back to the toy or treat method again, and practice with your dog frequently.

Step 5:

Continually reinforce the 'speak' and bark association to keep the word association fresh in your dog's mind.

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