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A licking habit in a dog can be hard to break, but there are things that you can do to help your dog from developing this habit in the first place. If your dog has already developed a licking habit, there are measures that you can take to help your dog break this habit fast.
A licking habit can sometimes develop as a result of a dog's natural tendency to lick in order to taste an object or show affection to a human or animal friend. Constant licking can also develop if your dog is not in a stimulating environment.

Preventing Your Dog from Licking

If you notice that your dog is developing a licking habit, you will need to redirect your dog's attention. Make sure that your dog has plenty of chewies and toys to play with, and try to increase your dog's physical activities. When you see your dog licking, or your dog is trying to constantly lick you, give your dog something else to do immediately to prevent a licking habit from forming.

If your dog seems to have a tendency to constantly lick itself, or a specific object, you can break this habit and prevent future licking tendencies by using lick repellents. A lick repellent can be a hot sauce or pepper sauce that you spray on objects your dog likes to lick. If your dog has a habit of licking its paws or other areas, then apply the lick repellent to these areas as well. Always dilute the hot sauce or pepper with water so that you do not burn your dog's skin or tongue. You can also purchase over the counter lick repellent sprays that contain a bitter apple taste which dogs find particularly unpleasant.

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